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Month: May 2021

4 ways a tax lien could affect a person’s life

Not paying one’s taxes can have serious consequences. The reasons for not paying can vary, and in some cases, Georgia residents may not have the means to pay what they owe to the IRS for income tax. Unfortunately, if steps are not taken to address the situation before...

Could an audit lead to tax evasion charges?

Having the IRS looking over your shoulder likely makes you and other Atlanta residents ensure that you handle your taxes appropriately. However, even if you do your best to file taxes correctly, you could end up facing an audit from the IRS. This process is not always...

How does the IRS address unpaid taxes?

There are times in life when many people in Atlanta and elsewhere have more financial obligations than they have money to meet those obligations. In some cases, people are unable to pay the taxes they owe to the Internal Revenue Service, and even though they wish they...


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