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We understand how stressful IRS and DOJ attacks on syndicated conservation easements have been for investors. Our lawyers are among the best-known in the nation for handling easement cases and are here to help. We know how vital it is that you get the most favorable relief for you and your family as quickly as possible so that you can return to life without the stress of these cases hanging over you.

About Bomar Law Firm‘s Atlanta, Georgia, Conservation Easement Lawyers

To beat the IRS, you need to understand the IRS. Our attorneys specialize in tax cases involving syndicated conservation easements. While most conservation easement lawyers represent promoters and the partnerships they created, our firm only represents investors who purchased interests in the deals. No law firm is more specialized in helping investors in syndicated conservation easements in their IRS and state tax matters.

Here’s What You’ll Get From The Bomar Law Firm:

1. A free consultation and strategy session with a former IRS attorney.

2. The vast experience and resources of our best tax lawyers in Atlanta.

3. Attorneys that you can reach and receive an update from the same day.

4. Attorneys and staff who care about you and your case, and who will fight tirelessly to get you to the most favorable result.

Bomar Law Firm Helps People Who Invested In Syndicated Conservation Easements 

Getting a positive result in a syndicated conservation easement case will almost always require the help of a specialized law firm. The tax lawyers here at Bomar Law Firm want to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Therefore, we have put together general information about syndicated conservation easement cases.

Are Conservation Easements Legal?

Conservation easements are perfectly legal when set up correctly and using the actual value of the property. However, the IRS asserts that most syndicated easement donation transactions are done in a way that makes them abusive. IRS points to examples of promoters who appraised the land at extreme multiples over its recent purchase price. IRS also seeks to disallow deductions by asserting that the deals had deed defects that did not meet the requirements, such as not conveying the property in “perpetuity.” The IRS claims that the U.S. Treasury has lost over $25 Billion to fake charitable deductions related to syndicated conservation easements.

Why Do Investors On Conservation Easement Deals Need Relief?

IRS intends to audit every syndicated conservation easement, and many of these are going to trial in 2023. As those conclude, the investors will continue to receive massive assessments of tax and penalties at the partner level via computational adjustments. In addition to the tax owed, there will be a 40% penalty for “substantial overstatement of value.” In some, that will be increased even further by a 75% fraud penalty.

Obtaining relief at the partner level will be vital as the cases progress – just as it is already needed in those that have already concluded.

What Does Relief In These Cases Involve?

Relief for the investors in the tax cases who receive an adjustment will involve penalty abatement, refund action litigation and other litigation.

Are There Deadlines For Investors In Syndicated Conservation Easements To Obtain Relief?

Deadlines and statutes of limitation will apply to relief available to investors, so it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

What Is A Conservation Easement Attorney?

A conservation easement attorney includes all of the following: (1) the attorney who set up a conservation easement transaction; (2) those who defend syndicated easement promoters (or the partnerships that they set up to carry out the transaction); (3) Government attorneys who are attacking conservation easement deals for IRS and DOJ; or (4) attorneys who represent the investors in conservation easement deals. While most conservation easement attorneys represent promoters and the partnerships they created, our firm only represents investors who purchased interests in the deals.

What Is A Syndicated Conservation Easement?

A syndicated conservation easement is a transaction in which a promoter brings together a group of investors, places them into a passthrough entity (such as a partnership), uses the investment funds to purchase land, and then places a conservation easement on the land that restricts the private use of the property in order to protect its conservation value. The partnership takes a charitable deduction for the reduction in the value of the property that occurred when the partnership made a donation of the easement to a land trust and then passes through that tax deduction to the investors on a Form K-1.

Who Are Some Of The Parties Who May Have Been Involved In Syndicated Conservation Easement Deals That Could Flag IRS Audit And Other Investigations?

  • Ornstein-Schuler Investments, LLC (OSI)
  • Strategic Group / (Ricky Novak & James Freeman)
  • Sixty West, LLC (a.k.a. 60 West)
  • Inland Capital (Jack Fisher / Agee, Fisher, Barrett, LLC)
  • Aprio, LLP f/k/a Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP
  • Webb Creek Management Group, LLC
  • Evrgreen Management Group, Inc. (a.k.a. Evergreen) (Matt Campbell)
  • EvrSource Capital (a.k.a. Eversource) (Chip Pearson)
  • Ecovest Capital, Inc.
  • GBX Group, LLC (formerly Global X)
  • Eco Terra Management, LLC
  • Effingham Managers, LLC
  • Greencone Investments, LLC
  • Awahili Alliance, LLC / (Jim Adams)
  • Old Ivy Capital Partners / (Steve Bush & Dan Carbonaro)
  • Forever Forests, LLC (Nancy Zak)
  • Credo Financial Services, LLC
  • Emerald Property Investors, LLC / (Kowan, Cordon & Graham)
  • PeachCap
  • Piedmont Private Equity
  • Sequence Financial Specialists, LLC
  • Large & Gilbert, Inc.
  • Bennett Thrasher, LLC
  • The Private Client Law Group
  • Carney Conservation Easement Consultants, LLC
  • Southern Conservation Group, LLC
  • Capital Conservation Consultants, LLC

How Can You Contact Us To Obtain Relief?

Bomar Law Firm is located in Atlanta, Georgia, but the firm helps clients throughout the United States obtain relief in these cases. A conservation easement attorney at our firm will place an extremely high priority on getting you a positive result.

For a detailed analysis of how to get a positive result in your IRS conservation easement case, contact Bomar Law Firm at 800-765-2779.