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The experienced and specialized tax attorneys at our law firm strive to get every client the best result in audits, IRS audits, U.S. Tax Court litigation, offers in compromise, Fresh Start relief, penalty abatement, Georgia Department of Revenue tax cases, cryptocurrency IRS cases, syndicated conservation easement IRS litigation, and all other tax matters in Atlanta, throughout Georgia (GA) and the entire U.S. Bomar Law Firm has clients worldwide.

Handling Your IRS Audit

Each year, the IRS conducts numerous audits on organizations and individuals to verify the accuracy of financial information under tax laws. The IRS ensures the correctness of tax reports by carefully reviewing documentation, reports, accounts and financial details.

The Notice of Audit and Examination Scheduled serves as notification that your tax return has been selected for an audit. Our experienced attorneys can help you understand the nature of the examination, the required documentation and the applicable deadlines.

What ‘Red Flags’ Will Trigger An IRS Audit?

An IRS audit is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, but certain red flags can increase your chances of being targeted. Here are some potential red flags:

  • Unreported income: Failing to report all sources of income, whether intentionally or inadvertently, can attract attention
  • High income: Individuals with significantly high incomes might face increased scrutiny
  • Inconsistent information: Discrepancies between different tax documents, such as W-2s, 1099s, or other forms, may raise suspicions
  • Frequent business losses: Consistent business losses over several years may be considered a potential tax shelter
  • Offshore Accounts: Holding money in foreign bank accounts can sometimes trigger IRS scrutiny
  • Claiming large deductions: Deductions that are disproportionately large compared to your income may be viewed skeptically

These factors do not necessarily indicate wrongdoing, but they may trigger further investigation by the IRS. Our skilled attorneys can address your IRS audit concerns by thoroughly reviewing your financial records, correcting discrepancies, ensuring accurate income reporting and explaining flagged items.

What Are Some Relief Options For Those Who Owe Tax Debt To The IRS?

If you owe IRS tax debt and are facing financial challenges, several relief options are available to consider, including:

  • Installment agreement (IA)
  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)
  • Temporary delay
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status
  • Bankruptcy
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)
  • File an Amended Return

Since communication with the IRS is crucial in resolving potential issues promptly and efficiently, we can carry out all the legal communication on your behalf.

What Our Lawyers Do For You

Our lawyers are experienced in all areas of tax law and know how to build a defense of you in tax litigation. Our team regularly resolves the most complex of tax issues, such as:

We work with all individuals and businesses of all sizes and wealth backgrounds. Our reputation for compassionate, consistent work for people in Atlanta and across the region is respected both by our colleagues and the IRS.

Flat Fees Available

Tax law issues can be complex and lengthy, and that leaves you worrying about potential costs. Our firm offers a flat fee for the work we do, so you can understand the costs going in and what to expect for your issue.

Answering Your Questions

One of the most important services Bomar Law Firm offers is clarity on the legal questions ahead of you in all areas. We have the experience and skill to provide fast, reliable answers to the most pressing questions you have. Your tax problems are unique, but some of your questions rely on general information, and we get those questions often. Here are the answers our lawyers provide to the most asked questions of our clients.

When should I hire a tax attorney vs handle it myself?

There are very few reasons that you should attempt to handle a tax law or audit issue without the assistance of an attorney. These would be the most transactional of issues, such as sending a new copy or a return. However, even then, you are much safer to work with a skilled, experienced tax attorney.

How long do cases take?

There is no time limit for tax law disputes. They can last years. Audits – especially of highly complex assets – are some of the most complicated, long-term legal conflicts out there. It’s wise to consider cost-saving options.

Should you use a local tax law firm?


1) You get protections from the local court system and bar association

2) more accessible

3) Knows and understands local IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue agents and local rules and procedures.

How do I fight it when the IRS assesses tax against me?

  • IRS administrative appeals, where it is a proposed assessment.
  • U.S. Tax Court Petition or U.S. District Court Petition, where it is a Notice of Deficiency.
  • Where the IRS only issues a substitute for return (SFR), when a taxpayer did not file a return, we can file actual returns over the SFR.

What if I receive a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS?

  • It is vital to file an appeal prior to the deadline in order to stop bank levies and wage garnishment.
  • By the time of the IRS Appeals hearing on the appeal, we will have set up relief that stops levies.

Can we still reopen a case and get relief after a taxpayer has missed the deadline to file a Tax Court Petition?

  • Yes, but it must be done a different way.
  • We will use audit reconsideration (“Audit Recon”) or Offer in Compromise – Doubt as to Liability (OIC-L) in these instances.

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