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Recent Tax Cases handled by our Atlanta, Georgia tax attorneys

Currently Not Collectible Status: Clients owed over $467,000. Result: Clients were placed in Currently Not Collectible status by our Atlanta tax attorneys and will face no collection or levy action.

Taxpayer Deficiency • Audit Defense • Levy Recovery • Lien Removal

Income Tax Litigation: Client received a notice of deficiency stating that he owed $460,000. Result: The U.S. Tax Court decision held that taxpayer owed $0.

Income Tax Litigation: Client received a notice of deficiency from the IRS stating that she owed substantial income tax. IRS asserted the taxpayer owed $236,272. Client asserted that she owed $30,000. Result: The U.S. Tax Court decision held that taxpayer owed $32,359.

Audit Defense: Client began handling his own audit until the examiner determined that the tax assessment would be over $200,000, based on numerous stock transactions and a “mark to market election” issue. Result: Our tax attorneys obtained a final examination report of $0 tax owed.

Offer In Compromise: Client was a police officer who the IRS assessed for $14,280. Client admitted that he owed the debt but was unable to pay. Result: An offer in compromise eliminated the debt for $500.

Recovery Of Levied Assets: The state of Georgia Department of Revenue assessed three former officers of a corporation for unpaid sales tax that the corporation owed, in the amount of $439,989. The state then levied $439,989 from the account of one of the officers. Result: The Georgia tax liability was determined to be $0 for all clients, the liens were removed from all clients, and the state was required to repay the levied money back to client with interest in the amount of $466,388.

Employment Tax Litigation: Client was a CPA that the IRS asserted was a “responsible person” for the corporation for which she prepared and filed taxes. The IRS assessed CPA for company’s unpaid employment taxes in the amount of $81,850.31 and revoked the CPA’s ability to electronically file returns with the IRS. Result: CPA was held to owe $0 and was reinstated in full to file electronically.

Tax Debt Relief In Bankruptcy: Client was assessed by the IRS for $2.6 million. Client was discharged of $2.3 million in bankruptcy, leaving a tax debt of approximately $300,000. Result: This eliminated approximately 90 percent of the tax debt.

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