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Freedom From Fiscal Fetters: Lifting The Lid On State Tax Executions

Like most people, facing tax concerns or receiving official tax action notices may fill you with apprehension. If you do not understand the issue at hand, it can turn your dread into stress and anxiety. Such is the case with a state tax execution or lien, something you may know little about.

The attorneys at Bomar Law Firm know how complicated tax issues can be for the average person. We can help our Atlanta clients understand and address any matter revenue officials may want to discuss or investigate, including executions.

How Do Tax Liens Work?

A tax lien entitles the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) to all your property or proceeds from its sale to cover tax debt. In other words, if you sell something bound by a lien, the DOR gets the money, not you.

An execution follows you forever, sticking to all you own and may come to own until you resolve the debt. If someone gives you a house or a car, the DOR may seize it, and tax liens do not disappear when you die. Instead, your heirs may become responsible for the debt.

Frequently Asked Questions About State Tax Liens

An attorney consultation is an ideal way to learn about your pending state tax execution. In the meantime, here are answers to two commonly asked questions.

What is a state tax execution or lien on my property?

It is an official process that grants the government authority to take your property. Your obligations under a lien will never lapse unless you pay up or seek an alternative solution.

Why am I facing a tax execution?

State tax liens are only issued when unpaid state tax debt exists. You may have overlooked a payment or could not pay due to financial hardship.

Need To Address A Lien Or State Tax Execution? You Have Options.

You need not navigate the matter alone if you receive a notice of pending state tax execution. The experienced tax lawyers at Bomar Law Firm can serve as guides, negotiators and shields in all your dealings with the DOR. Call us today at 800-765-2779 or use our online form to schedule your free consultation and strategy session.