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An Atlanta, GA Tax Attorney Protecting Your Bank Accounts and Wages from IRS Levy / Garnishment

A wage levy will force your employer to turn over some portion (in some cases three-fourths or more) of your wages to the IRS. A tax lien against your property will make it very difficult to sell your home or to refinance it. The IRS can seize other assets as well, including bank accounts, cars, boats and other valuable property.  It is best to act as soon as possible to prevent or reverse this type of IRS action.

If you have received a notice from the IRS that your wages or bank accounts will be levied, time is of the essence. Immediate involvement by an experienced tax attorney when you receive an initial or final notice of intent to levy notice can almost always prevent a tax levy.

You have 30 days to appeal the final notice of intent to levy. We can help you:

  • Stop the IRS from seizing your bank accounts
  • Stop the IRS from seizing your property and home
  • Stop the IRS from seizing Social Security checks
  • Obtain the return of recently seized property
  • Stop IRS from levying cryptocurrency accounts
  • Stop the IRS from garnishing your wages or the income from your business

We can help even after you have missed your deadline to appeal your final levy notices.

Contact a tax attorney at our Atlanta, Georgia, law firm. We will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to solve the problem.

Our Atlanta, Georgia, tax lawyers have insight into the IRS negotiation process. Cal Bomar has handled tax problems from both sides of the table, first as a lawyer working for the IRS and now as a tax attorney defending clients before the IRS. He is able to argue persuasively on behalf of his clients in civil tax matters involving the inability to pay back taxes.

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