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Atlanta, GA Tax Attorney Defending Your Interests in Tax Court and the Georgia Tax Tribunal

Attorneys at our law firm have extensive experience handling tax cases against the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue. We routinely handle cases that are in audit, post-assessment, administrative appeals, US Tax Court, the Georgia Tax Tribunal and all other necessary courts or appeals.  We place a very high priority on getting each of our clients to the best result, in an effective and efficient manner.

Our Tax Audit & Litigation Team includes:

1. Cal Bomar         Atlanta, GA      Tax Attorney

2. Charlie Shah     Birmingham, AL & Atlanta, GA   Tax Attorney

3. Collin Ciepiela   Atlanta, GA      Tax Attorney

4. Jeff Cohen        Atlanta, GA      Tax Attorney

5. Jamie Beton     Atlanta, GA       Tax Attorney

6. Emily Gruber    Atlanta, GA         Tax Attorney

The Kinds of Tax Cases We Litigate and Try:

Our Atlanta tax attorneys provide experienced trial representation for businesses and individuals throughout the Atlanta metro area. We represent clients in surrounding counties and throughout the United States, in cases involving:

  1. Individuals facing IRS or state income tax audits and assessments
  2. IRS Notice of Deficiency
  3. US Tax Court cases
  4. US District Court cases
  5. Georgia Proposed Assessment and Final Assessment
  6. Georgia Tax Tribunal Cases
  7. Businesses in disputes over corporate income tax, payroll tax or sales tax
  8. Syndicated Conservation Easement audit and tax litigation
  9. Cryptocurrency tax audits and litigation
  10. Individuals held personally liable for unpaid corporate taxes

We also help clients who need penalty abatement, relief in the offer in compromise process, Fresh Start Program or a partial pay installment agreement.

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