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How does the IRS address unpaid taxes?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Tax Debt

There are times in life when many people in Atlanta and elsewhere have more financial obligations than they have money to meet those obligations. In some cases, people are unable to pay the taxes they owe to the Internal Revenue Service, and even though they wish they could get out from under that debt, they may not know what to do. Instead, they begin to worry.

Stress and worry over unpaid taxes can happen to anyone. After all, when a person does not pay what he or she owes to the IRS, the agency will likely begin taking steps to assess the situation and work toward getting what it is owed. This can happen in a variety of ways, and in the beginning, those steps may seem relatively harmless. However, it is important that taxpayers address the situation as soon as possible.

Some of the first steps that an individual with tax debt will likely see from the IRS include:

  • Notices in the mail informing the taxpayer of the delinquent payment
  • Seizure of tax refunds in order to cover unpaid taxes from previous years
  • Liens and levies placed on wages or bank accounts
  • Application of interest and fees, which will increase the amount owed
  • A revenue agent coming to the taxpayer’s house

Unfortunately, the IRS may not stop there when trying to collect on taxes. If Atlanta residents are facing this type of scenario, they may find it useful to explore their tax relief options. Some individuals are surprised to learn that they could receive help with their outstanding tax balances, but it is important that the assistance is fully understood and applied for properly.