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IRS unveils new strategy to compel compliance

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2019 | IRS Issues

Both individual taxpayers and business entities in Georgia and throughout the nation should be ready for an increased likelihood of in-person tax compliance meetings. These meetings are part of an effort to help the government collect income and payroll taxes more efficiently. The efforts are primarily focused in areas where the IRS may not have an office or other types of robust physical presence. They will be used in conjunction with private debt collection companies that help the government recover past due amounts owed.

One point of emphasis will be to help business owners understand the importance of remitting payroll taxes in a timely manner. An IRS representative said that meeting with company owners in person increases the likelihood that they will come into compliance with the law. Companies that don’t submit payroll taxes may be forced to cease operations, and ceasing operations could result in fewer jobs within a given community.

The IRS says that it will provide information prior to these visits in an effort to prevent criminals from posing as IRS agents. Furthermore, agents will only meet in person with a taxpayer after attempting to remedy the issue by mail. Therefore, an individual will likely already know that he or she has a legitimate issue that needs to be worked out.

Individuals and business owners who fail to pay their taxes in a timely manner may have wages garnished or assets seized. They may also be subject to a tax lien until a past due balance is fully paid. Those who are in a dispute with the IRS may want to hire an attorney to help with the matter. An attorney may be able to review a notice sent to a taxpayer by the government and respond to it on a taxpayer’s behalf.