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Letters from the IRS aren’t all bad

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | IRS Issues

For most people in Georgia and throughout the country, tax day is the only day in which they give much thought to their state and federal returns. However, those who receive a notice from the government may have to think about them for a little longer. The good news is that fewer than seven people per every 1,000 will receive an audit letter. Furthermore, receiving a letter from the IRS doesn’t always indicate bad news.

In some cases, the government is sending a letter to let a taxpayer know that he or she has overpaid for the year. It could also be a request to clarify information found on a brokerage or other type of financial form. If a form is left blank or is otherwise left incomplete, that could trigger a response from the IRS. Those who receive such notices should reply to them within 30 days.

While few people are likely to receive an audit notice from the IRS, it is important that they are taken seriously. Individuals who do receive a request for information from a tax agency should do their best to respond to it as soon as possible. Those who have had their taxes prepared by an accountant may want to let that person know about the audit as well.

An attorney may be helpful during this process as well. He or she may be able to communicate with the IRS on a taxpayer’s behalf, and this may be ideal for those who feel intimidated about doing so themselves. It can also be helpful if the government asks for an in-person meeting as opposed to communicating by mail. In some cases, an attorney may be able to resolve the audit in a manner that avoids a tax lien or other consequences.