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Responding to an IRS notice

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2018 | IRS Issues

Georgia residents who receive a letter from the IRS should respond to it as quickly as possible. This is generally true whether a person has received an audit notice or a request for more information. In some cases, the IRS is writing to let a person know that he or she used the wrong Social Security number or otherwise provided incorrect information on a return.

In such a scenario, calling the agency and verifying the identifying information used to file a return could be enough to resolve the problem. It is possible that the IRS will find a discrepancy in how much tax a person paid compared to what its records show a person should have paid. If that happens, a taxpayer can send in copies of payments made either throughout the year or when filing a return.

If an individual is sent an audit notice, it is important to respond to it within 30 days. Taxpayers should respond to an intent to levy notice within 10 days. Doing so may help to reduce penalties owed, and it can also make it possible to create a payment plan if an individual can’t afford to pay a balance owed at once. Anyone facing an audit request can enlist a tax attorney or enrolled agent for help.

Those who fail to respond to an IRS notice could face a variety of consequences. The government could place a tax lien on property, garnish wages or take other steps to collect on a debt it claims a taxpayer owes. Working either directly with the IRS or through an attorney could make it possible to come to a favorable resolution.