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How to recognize an IRS agent

On Behalf of | May 8, 2017 | IRS Issues

It is possible that a Georgia resident will be visited by an IRS agent. However, it is important to understand whether or not a person claiming to be an agent is a legitimate representative of the IRS. There are three main reasons why an agent may want to visit with a taxpayer. First, a caseworker may make a routine unannounced visit to remind a taxpayer about his or her tax obligations.

Those who are under audit may also receive a visit from an agent, but those visits are generally planned in advance. Furthermore, a representative from the IRS will generally call ahead to confirm the appointment date and other details. Those who are under criminal investigation may also be subject to unannounced visits by federal agents. However, in such a scenario, no one from the government will demand payment on the spot.

It should also be noted that federal agents will have badges or other credentials with them. The IRS offers more information on their website to help a taxpayer understand if he or she is talking to a legitimate agent. The IRS also warns those who think that they owe money to be wary of scams that can take place at any point during the year.

Individuals or businesses that are subject to an IRS audit may wish to seek the help of legal counsel. An attorney may be able to negotiate directly with the government to obtain a favorable outcome for a taxpayer. If necessary, legal counsel may be able to represent a taxpayer in court in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome. Obtaining an attorney may also be helpful for those who undergo a criminal investigation as anything a person says to authorities could be used against them.