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Former NFL quarterback owes $13,000 in back taxes

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2014 | IRS Issues

Former NFL player Kordell Stewart has reportedly been served a notice of a tax lien from the state of Georgia. The former quarterback owes the state more than $13,000 for back taxes and accrued interest. Before getting in trouble with the state, Stewart was reportedly involved in a bitter divorce in which he ended up locking his ex-wife out of the mansion they had once shared.

Stewart’s IRS was allegedly the result of his failure to pay $8,532 in taxes in 2012. After gathering interest and penalty charges, the original amount he owed almost doubled to $13,240.88. If the amount is not paid soon, the state could potentially attach his bank account or seize his possessions and sell them in order to obtain the money that is owed. The lienreportedly extends to all of his assets.

It is unclear what factors resulted in Stewart’s alleged failure to pay taxes in 2012. Whether it was a financial hardship or an oversight that resulted in the unpaid taxes, a tax law attorney may be able to help someone in a similar situation to avoid serious penalties.

Individuals who have been hit with a tax lien for unpaid back taxes could face the potential of the state or, in the case of federal taxes, the Internal Revenue Service, seizing their bank accounts and garnishing their wages. To prevent this type of thing from happening, individuals may want to contact an attorney who has experience in negotiating these types of matters with tax authorities. Prompt attention to this type of legal problem may be important due to the brief window of time available to appeal the final notice of intent to levy.

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