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Photo of Professionals at Bomar Law Firm

Dunwoody, Georgia Tax Attorney

Former IRS

Cal Bomar is a former tax attorney for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel. The tax lawyers at our firm are among the best known in the US for helping clients in Dunwoody, GA and elsewhere obtain the best results in IRS audits, US Tax Court cases, tax relief, as well as Georgia Department of Revenue tax disputes and tax litigation.

Our law firm litigates and resolves IRS tax disputes in Dunwoody and throughout Georgia.

The firm’s tax attorneys handle audits, assessment, Tax Court and IRS administrative appeals. We can also assist with:

  • US Tax Court cases
  • Income tax audit or assessment
  • Syndicated conservation easement IRS tax cases
  • Cryptocurrency tax planning
  • Cryptocurrency IRS audits and litigation
  • IRS civil and criminal defense
  • Georgia Department of Revenue audits, litigation and collection cases
  • employment / payroll tax
  • Responsible persons held personally liable for unpaid employment taxes
  • IRS Fresh Start Program
  • Offer in compromise
  • penalty abatement
  • IRS administrative appeals
  • Installment Agreements
  • wage garnishment
  • liens
  • levy
  • IRS passport issues

We provide focused representation for clients in Dunwoody, Georgia. To avoid an IRS lien, levy, and compounding interest and penalties, contact us to speak with a tax attorney in a free consultation about your case.

Bomar Law Firm’s office is located in Atlanta, GA.  Contact us to schedule your free consultation via phone, Zoom or in person to discuss your case with a Georgia tax lawyer.