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Possible signs of Tax ID theft

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2023 | Tax Disputes

There might be few experiences in life as stressful and harrowing as finding out that another party has stolen one’s personal information. Unfortunately, by the time one learns of such a theft, this party may use a person’s information to carry out various types of unlawful objectives. Tax ID theft is an issue that has affected the lives of many families and knowing the possible signs of such issues and the next steps to take may be vital to helping individuals in Georgia prepare to address the situation. 

Red flags 

One common example of a red flag might include a scenario in which a person attempts to file a tax return online but receives notification of a duplicate SSN. The IRS may also send notifications if they encounter suspicious activity and being thorough when investigating such communications may be vital. One may also receive a notification if another party attempts to create a new online account in his or her name or a notice that someone else has attempted to access an existing account. 

Those who suspect they have fallen prey to tax ID theft might find it helpful to contact the IRS to discuss the matter and notify the authorities of the situation. It may also be helpful to take steps to protect one’s financial interests, such as reviewing credit reports and reporting any fraudulent activity. While experts also indicate that there may be steps one can take to mitigate the risks of ID theft, those who are already facing such issues may have questions about the available options to protect their futures. 

Seeking advice on one’s options 

Individuals who encounter tax ID theft might not always know how best to handle the situation. When similar issues arise, a person could benefit from retaining the services of a tax law attorney as soon as possible for guidance on his or her options and the next steps to take. An attorney in Georgia can evaluate a client’s situation, assist in preparing to take the proper measures to protect his or her interests, and provide insight on ways to mitigate the risks of similar issues in the future.