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Seeking tax debt relief could help stave off various concerns

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Tax Debt

While the idea of dealing with past due taxes can be a stressful concept, ignoring the situation might not always prove a favorable path. Confronting tax debts could prove integral to preparing to protect one’s interests and staving off a variety of detrimental ramifications. Knowing some of the challenges issues with tax debt might bring could help individuals in Georgia better prepare to seek guidance on their options and create a strategy to pursue much-needed financial relief. 

Issues with past due tax debts can trigger a variety of detrimental results and some common examples of such issues may include: 

  • Collection notices:  The stress of receiving constant past-due notices and of having accounts enter collection status are just two examples of challenges one might face when dealing with tax debts. 
  • Fees and penalties:  Past due taxes can also trigger significant fees and penalties and similar issues may only cause the balance on one’s debts to continue to rise. 
  • Financial repercussions:  Past due taxes could cause a person to lose out on tax refunds and sometimes similar issues could also lead to issues such as wage garnishment or even seizure of assets. 

High levels of tax debt could also lead to travel restrictions or disrupt one’s ability to obtain a passport, and addressing similar factors may be essential to safeguarding one’s interests. 

While addressing the possible ramifications of dealing with tax debt can be a daunting endeavor, it may also prove essential to preparing to address the situation. Individuals in Georgia who face similar issues and wish to explore their available options for relief might benefit from speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help address the situation a client is facing, provide insight into the available options for relief, and assist in choosing a path that best aligns with his or her interests and needs.