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Possible tax concerns for nonprofit organizations

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | IRS Issues

Addressing the topic of taxes may prove essential to creating an effective strategy for virtually any type of business entity. While nonprofit organizations might benefit from federal tax exemptions, there may still be a variety of steps these entities must take to remain in compliance with IRS tax laws. Knowing some of the most common tax issues nonprofits might face could help individuals in Georgia better prepare to protect against such concerns. 

Exemption from taxes might not always mean that a nonprofit will not face tax-related concerns and some examples of ways to protect against issues could include: 

  • Proper documentation:  Even with the presence of exemptions, nonprofits may still be required to file tax documentation and ensuring that the proper documents are submitted may prove imperative. 
  • Regulation compliance:  Experts indicate that nonprofits may also be at risk of facing tax issues if they violate IRS regulations during processes such as auctions or donor exchanges. 
  • Addressing profits:  It may also be helpful to understand the rules regarding profits with similar organizations, as there could be numerous scenarios in which excessive profits might trigger tax concerns. 

Creating effective record-keeping practices may also prove integral to stave off potential tax concerns, as inaccuracies in record books could prompt a variety of detrimental results. 

While knowing some of the most common causes of tax issues for nonprofits can be helpful, it may also be beneficial to know where to turn should similar concerns arise. Individuals in Georgia who wish to protect the future of their endeavors might consider retaining the services of an attorney for advice on every step to take to achieve such a goal. An attorney can help a client create an effective strategy to help prompt tax compliance and provide insight on the best path to take should he or she encounter tax concerns.