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Did you receive notice that you owe the IRS?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Tax Audits

While earning an income is often a source of pride and enjoyment for many people, having to pay taxes on that income is often seen as a considerable downside by many. Of course, tax obligations affect all Georgia workers, and while it may not be enjoyable, most workers do their best to keep up with what they owe for their taxes. As a result, it can come as a shock to some if they receive a notice that they owe the IRS or are being audited.

Because most people want to fly under the radar when it comes to dealing with the IRS, receiving a letter from the agency may bring a sense of panic. However, even a notice of an audit does not have to be overwhelming because there may be multiple ways of handling the situation. Of course, the best step is to address the matter head on, which means reading any notices from the IRS immediately and not ignoring such correspondence.

When facing this type of predicament, some steps taxpayers may want to keep in mind include the following:

  • Understanding that taxpayers have rights, including the right to defend against an audit
  • Thoroughly reviewing the notice provided by the IRS to ensure that it is accurate
  • Determining whether the person receiving the notice is truly the one responsible for any owed taxes

Often, notices from the IRS can be confusing, and Georgia taxpayers may not be entirely sure what the agency wants. In efforts to lessen that confusion and to have assistance, if taxpayers receive notice that they owe the IRS, they may want to discuss the matter with experienced tax law attorneys. These professionals could help assess the situation and determine possible courses of action.