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Month: October 2021

Has an IRS levy caused you economic hardship?

When facing financial difficulties, it may seem as if every day there is a new obligation that you cannot meet. Even when you try to do your best to get back on track, something may come up that knocks your plan out of balance. You, and many other Georgia residents,...

4 taxes your loved one’s estate may owe

If your loved one’s estate includes significant wealth, you probably have concerns about how the government will tax it during probate. The various taxes that might affect the estate may take a considerable chunk from the inheritance your loved one hoped to leave...

Could you qualify for an offer in compromise?

When two parties are at a standstill regarding a particular problem, they may try to come to some kind of compromise that benefits them both. Compromise can come up in personal relationships, business matters and even when facing tax problems with the Internal Revenue...


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