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When should you have help with a tax audit?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Tax Audits

Unless someone is receiving information about a tax refund, most Georgia residents do not want to receive correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service. Often, getting a notice from the IRS means that something was likely wrong with certain tax information and that questions have arisen regarding the provided information. This type of situation commonly leads to an audit, which does not have to be as frightening as some may think. 

Differing types of tax audits exist, and it is essential that individuals who receive a notice from the IRS understand the type of audit they are dealing with, which include the following: 

  • A mail audit that simply requires the taxpayer to provide additional documentation as requested in the IRS notice 
  • An office or field audit that involves providing additional documentation as well as answering questions regarding financial details 

Because an office or field office involves a closer look at one’s financial affairs and requires in-person accounts, it is often wise to have professional assistance. Having an advocate could better ensure that the taxpayer fully understands what is happening during the process and what information to provide. This type of assistance could also help an individual avoid oversharing or possibility incriminating him or herself in some way. 

Even if Georgia taxpayers are facing a more in-depth field or office audit, the process does not have to be frightening. By preparing the necessary documents and answers ahead of time, individuals may feel more confident that they will get through the process as easily as possible. Additionally, having assistance from experienced tax attorneys could help concerned parties ensure that they approach their situation properly.