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Wage garnishment may be wake-up call for taxpayers

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Tax Debt

No one else can fully understand the struggles that another person is going through. For many Atlanta residents, financial issues may be something that they think about when they wake up and before going to sleep. In particular, they may be struggling with outstanding taxes, and now, their situation is only getting worse as the IRS has started wage garnishment.

When a person’s wages are garnished by the IRS, it means that the agency has started directly seizing a portion of a person’s pay before it reaches that person. This usually happens through a collaboration between the person’s employer and the IRS. Garnishment is not a first step that the IRS takes to address outstanding tax debt but commonly occurs if several notices for payment have gone unaddressed by the taxpayer.

Additional facts about wage garnishment include:

  • The IRS can only take a portion of a person’s wages, but the reduction in pay could still make it difficult for a person to meet his or her daily needs.
  • The IRS typically uses wage levies as a wake-up call to the severity of the situation regarding the unpaid taxes.
  • Taxpayers facing garnishment can take steps to have the levy removed.

If Atlanta taxpayers are facing wage garnishment, they undoubtedly want to have the action stopped as soon as possible. However, this will take some work on their part, which could include filing any missing tax returns and fully understanding the amount of taxes owed. Fortunately, they could contact legal professionals who could help them gain information on possible payment options and tax relief programs provided by the IRS in efforts to stop garnishment.