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Obtaining tax relief is not as impossible as it may seem

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Tax Debt

Creditors can come in many forms, and for some Georgia residents, the Internal Revenue Service may be a creditor that they have to deal with. Owing money to the IRS for unpaid taxes may seem more dire than other creditors because the situation involves a government agency, but parties in this type of scenario may want to remember that they still have rights and deserve fair treatment. Of course, it also means that they need to address the financial burden in order to find tax relief. 

Though the IRS is a government agency and has more power than other types of creditors, it is important to remember that agents and tax collectors cannot treat taxpayers in an overly aggressive or unfair manner. It may be necessary for some individuals to meet with a representative from the IRS to discuss their situation, and if the employee acts in an unjust or threatening manner, the taxpayer could request to speak with a supervisor. IRS agents have a code of conduct that they must adhere to like any other creditor. 

Some other important information to keep in mind for parties who owe taxes include: 

  • Any notices received from the IRS about the outstanding balance should not be ignored. 
  • Remember that the IRS can make mistakes, so review any documents received to ensure they are correct. 
  • If a person’s former spouse is the one with the outstanding tax debt, that person may be able to claim innocent spouse relief. 
  • Taxpayers likely will not go to jail simply for owing taxes or being unable to pay. However, if the IRS suspects fraud or tax evasion, criminal charges are more likely. 

Georgia taxpayers can also obtain professional tax help when trying to find tax relief. Experienced tax law attorneys could help anxious individuals understand the various options available for handling outstanding taxes owed to the government and determine whether any of those options could suit their circumstances. Though having outstanding taxes can be worrisome, facing the matter will certainly have better outcomes than ignoring it.