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When a homeowner faces a tax lien, it is time to take action

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Tax Debt

Having unpaid taxes is a serious situation. Most Atlanta residents do not intentionally end up with tax debt, but it can happen to anyone for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, if individuals do not pay their outstanding taxes, a tax lien could come against their house. As one might expect, this can create a difficult scenario to handle.

A person could face a property tax lien for unpaid property taxes, a federal tax lien for unpaid income taxes to the IRS or a state tax lien for unpaid taxes to Georgia’s Department of Revenue. Any of these liens against a person’s property is serious, but there are ways to address the lien and have it removed. Until that time, a homeowner cannot sell the property and keep the profits until the tax debt is addressed.

One way a taxpayer may have the ability to get the lien removed is if he or she agrees to a monthly payment plan to pay off the outstanding taxes. However, the agreement would have to involve an automatic withdrawal of monthly payments before the IRS would consider it. Of course, other options exist that may be more fitting for a person’s particular situation.

If a tax lien comes against an Atlanta resident’s home, it is time to take action. Though it may seem challenging to know how to address this type of ordeal, affected parties could utilize local legal resources for information and assistance. Knowledgeable tax attorneys could help concerned parties protect their interests when facing a state or federal lien.