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Tax errors can cause refund delays

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Income Taxes

To avoid delays in receiving tax refunds, Georgia residents should take care to avoid certain common mistakes when completing their returns. While many people may believe that only significant mistakes will cause the Internal Revenue Service to hold on to their refunds, many delays are actually caused by easily preventable mistakes.

One common error is putting the incorrect name on a tax return. Taxpayers are advised to provide the name that is printed on their Social Security card. If a person changes their name, the Social Security Administration should be contacted so that it and the IRS will have the same information.

It’s also not unusual for taxpayers to use the wrong Social Security number or fail to include it on the return. Discrepancies with one’s Social Security number can raise a number of red flags as the IRS will not be able to link the information on the return with prior records.

Simple math mistakes are another reason a taxpayer’s refund may be delayed. With the increasing use of electronic filing and tax software, many programs can rectify some math issues. Individuals who complete paper returns should take additional time to review their numbers to make sure that there are no mathematical mistakes.

The IRS may also hold on to a refund if the banking information provided for a direct deposit is not correct. Before submitting a return, taxpayers should carefully review for accuracy the account and bank routing numbers they provide.

An attorney who practices tax law may protect the rights of clients who have disputes with the IRS. If necessary, legal counsel could act as a client’s tax representative during disputes regarding tax return corrections.