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Abuse victims may seek relief from the IRS

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2018 | Income Taxes

Georgia residents who are the victims of financial abuse at the hands of their partners may be given relief by the IRS. For instance, an individual might apply for innocent spouse relief. If granted, that person will not be held liable for taxes owed on a joint return. This may be true if there was a balance because the other spouse deliberately withheld income.

If one spouse has a past due federal balance, the other spouse may be denied a refund that he or she would otherwise be entitled to. In such a scenario, the person who was expecting a refund could be considered an injured spouse. That person may be allowed to get a refund in their name. It is also important to note that a married person is still allowed to file an independent return, and an individual is not required to sign a joint tax return against his or her will.

Each year, American workers are generally required to file an income tax return. Failing to do so or providing false information on a return can result in negative consequences. These may include financial penalties or the possibility of spending time in jail or prison. Individuals who have been contacted by the IRS generally have the right to seek legal counsel.

Whether a person is filing single or jointly with another person, a tax lawyer could provide valuable guidance. For example, an attorney could negotiate with the IRS on a taxpayer’s behalf or otherwise put a taxpayer’s situation into context. The client could then obtain relief from any taxes assessed.