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An audit could result from filing mistakes

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Tax Audits

For many Atlanta residents, the last thing they want during tax season is to receive any kind of notice from the IRS. Often, notices from the agency relate to issues with tax returns and a possible audit, which can be stressful for any taxpayer to receive. Unfortunately, many minor issues could lead to significant problems with a tax return that could result in this outcome.

One of the biggest but also simplest ways a person could make a mistake that negatively effects a tax return is making calculation errors. Math is not everyone’s strong point, and someone trying to do his or her own calculations on a tax return could easily make a mistake. While an error could be something simple, it could cause enough discrepancies for the IRS to take another look. Even if individuals use tax preparation software, mistakes could still occur.

It is also easy to make mistakes by not adhering to new tax laws. Often, new laws and modifications to older laws go into effect, and someone who does not remain up to date on such matters may not file their return in accordance with those changes. This mistake could also result in an audit or other issues arising.

Fortunately, any Atlanta resident facing an audit has options for defense. Though it can seem daunting and the idea of going against the IRS can seem intimidating, it does not have to be as nerve-wracking as many people fear. Individuals in this predicament could work with experienced tax law attorneys who could help them address any issues.