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A taxpayer could face one of various audits

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Tax Audits

Making a mistake on a tax return or the IRS making an error could result in a person’s tax situation needing another look. As a result, any Atlanta resident could get a notice for an audit in the mail. Though an official notice can seem stressful, it is important to keep in mind that not every audit will seem like an interrogation and receiving this notice certainly does not automatically mean the taxpayer is in the wrong.

Commonly, individuals will receive notice that the IRS wants to conduct a correspondence audit. This type of audit does not involve any face-to-face meetings. Instead, the IRS simply wants the taxpayer to mail additional documentation to the agency in order to clarify certain information. This typically occurs when the agency has noticed one possible mistake or a bit of questionable information and wants to double-check.

Of course, in-person audits do take place, and they can occur as office audits or field audits. Usually, these occur when the agency has multiple points to discuss with the taxpayer rather than just one issue. An office audit would mean the taxpayer goes to an IRS office to meet with a tax auditor. With a field audit, the auditor would come to a designated location to meet with the taxpayer.

Though an audit is not necessarily something to immediately panic over, it is something that should be taken seriously by any Atlanta taxpayer who receives a notice. It may prove beneficial for individuals to remember that they do not have to try to handle this matter on their own. Seeking the help of experienced tax law attorneys could better ensure that parties have the right information and assistance to address the concerns of the IRS.