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An overview of a taxpayer’s rights

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Tax Audits

If a person is audited by the IRS, he or she has rights that the agency must respect. For instance, Georgia residents have the right to have questions answered promptly and to expect employees to act professionally at all times. If a taxpayer does not receive good service, he or she may ask to speak with a supervisor about his or her experience.

In the event that a person is audited, he or she can challenge whatever position that IRS has taken in the matter. The IRS must take objections or documentation into consideration assuming that information has been provided promptly. Furthermore, the agency must respond if it objects to a taxpayer’s rebuttal and must generally act in a fair manner when considering the taxpayer’s position. Taxpayers have a right to know how much time that they have to send in a document or otherwise respond to an audit.

They also have the right to know when an audit has been completed. Those who are facing an examination from the IRS can expect that it will follow laws related to search and seizure of records or other items related to case. Finally, individuals have the right to pay no more in taxes or penalties than they owe.

Anyone who has been audited by the IRS may benefit from hiring an attorney. This person may be able to negotiate directly with the government to help obtain a favorable outcome in a given matter. A favorable outcome may mean paying less than what the IRS believes a person owes for a given year. It could also mean waiving interest or penalties that have accrued because a return was not filed or taxes not paid on time.