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Month: May 2022

Evaluating one’s options when facing tax debts

Sources of financial strain can come in numerous forms and dealing with similar issues can be a stressful and intimidating process. In some cases, individuals in Georgia might encounter struggles with monetary woes due to tax obligations. Those who face tax debts may...

What can you expect from an audit by the IRS?

Receiving notice of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service can be intimidating and overwhelming. You know this is a serious matter, but you may not be certain of how you can pursue a beneficial outcome and protect your interests. Knowing what factors may trigger an...

I can’t pay my taxes. What should I do?

You’ve been an upstanding citizen. You pay your taxes on time each year, and you have a good track record with the IRS. But this year was unusual. You went through a number of major changes in circumstance, and you didn’t adequately assess how these changes would...


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