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Month: December 2021

Are you asking for an IRS audit?

No one wants the IRS to audit their personal or business accounts. An audit occurs when the IRS becomes suspicious of the information you provide on your tax forms. Audits are not only time-consuming and stressful, but they can also result in a large tax bill with...

Does an IRS tax lien come out of nowhere?

Landing on hard financial times can make any Atlanta resident feel as if his or her life is out of sorts. In some cases, the situation can become so troublesome that government agencies, like the IRS, could place a tax lien on a person’s property due to lack of...

Offer in compromise may help avoid scams

Many Atlanta residents may find themselves turning over various ideas in their mind when they are struggling with money problems. When it comes to tax debt, they may fear drawing more attention from the IRS and many consider hiring settlement companies who claim that...


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