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Month: December 2014

IRS tax audit answers for Georgia residents

The Internal Revenue Service may generally audit a return no more than six years after it was first filed. In most cases, the IRS will try to audit all returns no more than two years after they are filed. While the statute of limitations is three years in most cases,...

Additional tax assessment notices in Georgia

After a person files a Georgia state income tax return, the Georgia Department of Revenue may review the return and make an initial determination that the filer owes additional tax. Generally, the first time a person will learn of the additional tax assessment is when...

How is a return selected for an audit?

The IRS elects to audit tax returns based on a number of factors. Selection for audit is not arbitrary; rather the return is first evaluated in a lengthy and thorough process. Then a final determination is made as to whether or not the return will go through the full...


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